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Dye Free!

Posted by Kevin Hartman on

All of our Mash™ bags and yardage are 100% dye free.  
Thats right our 120μ, 90μ, 70μ and 37μ are all free from extra dyes, including the tread we use to sew them with. 

We are offering high quality hand sewn bags and yardage for this new frontier of oil extraction.  We are currently offering 37μ, 70μ, 90μ and 120μ meshes in a variety of sizes to fit your needs.  Feel free to email or call us for custom sizes.    We find the fine 37μ mesh is great for dry sift and bubble, while the more open meshes are great for Mashing flowers.    

Everyone's setup is different from heat press to the size of plates, the temperature, pressure and most important quality of material to be pressed.  For best results it's best to experiment with your equipment.

I hope you enjoy the products we offer and are successful with your extractions too.  - Kevin

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