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Mash™ 6x6 complete table top unit with hand pump

Mash™ 6x6 complete table top unit with hand pump

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Our Mash™ 6x6 complete table top unit. Featuring 6"x6" stainless steel plates, dual PID controller, 20ton BVA cylinder, BVA hydraulic Hand pump, Pressure Gauge, hydraulic hose and power cable.

The stainless steel plate faces have been milled down for the tightest possible fit between plates.   Because we milled our plates from a single solid piece of stainless steel they hold and maintain a much more even temperature than those made from multiple pieces.  Stainless steel is super hard and takes a lot of manpower to fabricate them versus aluminum which is a very soft metal and easily formed but also equally deform-able from your press.  Our first set of prototype plates were made from aluminum and they warped rather quickly and formed a dent from the bags being mashed over and over.   We quickly realized stainless was the answer.   

Each plate is 6"x6"x1" and has two 300w heating cartridges per plate (4 total per setup).  They feature a thermocouple for maintaining accurate temperatures.  And dual easy to use digital controllers in a custom wrapped enclosure.   Connected via a dis-connectable cable.  And housed in single unit, no press needed.  Small and compact but heavy as hell.  12"wide x 6" deep x 12" tall. 90lbs. 

110v, 1000w, 8amps, 60hz (once it comes to temp it runs at about 200w and 1.5amps)

This is our complete table top unit with hand pump.

lifetime warranty on the stainless steel plates, and a 1 year warranty on electronics and heating elements. 

There may be a 7-20 day wait on these items.

"Hi Kevin, Just got the plates yesterday. They look amazing! I haven't tried them yet but i will begin when I'm done with work today. I'll send some pics of the squishes for you to put on Instagram if you choose. Also thanks for hooking up the bags! You run a great company, I'm glad we could do business and thank you for accommodating my request.  -Kevin"


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