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Canna Clamp Complete Plates

  • $ 299.00

CannaClamp™ is the world’s first complete hand held essential oil press. Designed with patients and connoisseur processors in mind, we developed the CannaClamp™ to be an affordable, complete press option for anyone wanting to explore small batch essential oils processing.

Complete CannaClamp V2 Package.

  • Complete comes with Irwin 600 Hand Clamp Packaged
  • 2″x3.75″ plates
  • Variable temperature settings 100-300 degrees fahrenheit with fast heat up (5 Degrees per click)
  • 3 prong US grounded plug
  • Includes 5 Mash® 1"x4.25" 37u Pollen Pressing Bags
  • Includes 5 Parchment Squares
  • Midwest Concentrates Dab Mat

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